About Us

Mediasoft Indonesia is a non profit organization focusing on information technology development, change, research in the country. we are a small team, small group with big passion.

Founded in 2014, from memoriable university bogor. continues project IoT for Graduation assigment. has name PIC-POP (http://www.pic-pop.com)

After that, we founded media informations campus, has name : wartaipb.com, our want to solving is, informations from campus to senior hight school so late and manual via post letter. when we create wartaipb.com, so many senior high school ask about campus IPB because he wanna join, and dont know about term and condition. so, wartaipb become a group discussion (hub) about that.

In 2 Juli 2015, We Founded Mediasoft Indonesia M. Gefri Zulfikar & M. Nahrowi, with domain www.mediasoft.id. Mediasoft Indonesia focus on Multimedia & Software Development Agency. our first project handle on System E-voting Tax Center Program Diploma IPB Present by Direktorat Jendral Pajak (DJP) West Java.

As soon as possible, We Try to open project (web design, web development, 3D animations etc), and join in other community, we new commers in digital technology and we try to learning by doing with other community.

2015 Agustus, Agung Dwi Sandi, he is passionate in Digital Marketing. He join in fill in Technology officer, he handle about wordpress, seo, webmaster etc.

Desember 2016, M. Gefri Zulfikar we also, have good news our 1st Winner 3D Animations Concept in Kementrian Hukum dan HAM (BPHN) in National RI Competition.

In Februari 2016, Fauzi Ghozali Join in Mediasoft, he was handle About Design, Graphic, but until now, he wanna Passionate & Focus only Android Developer.

Agustus 2016, Agung Dwi Sandi we Also, Have good News because our team get opportunities Final pitching in Startup Istanbul 2016 (National)

Desember 2016, Mediasoft Indonesia have good news again for Final Competition TNI AD (Hackathon Kartika Eka Paksi) National.

In 2017, Mediasoft Indonesia Full try to Learning, Evaluations, Re-egnineering, Improve Knowledge, Prepare to Launch a product for make impact and have benefit for some people.

We Oppened Opportunities, for Collaboration for impact, please sent email : info@mediasoft.id

Thanks you,

Best Regards,
Mediasoft Indonesia

29 Sept 2017, Cengkareng | Jakarta | Indonesia